Perform large volume of searches with powerful automation tasks.

Automation helps to save a lot of time and does not require programming knowledges. Just select the searches you need and plan your schedule.

We will automatically send the results to your email or call the Webhook URL.

Create automation

Please navigate to the Automation page and click on the Create Automation button.

In the first step, please attach searches that should be automated (you can use already existing, or create a new one).

Automation can be scheduled to run every minute, hour, day, week, month or just plan your own schedule.

Automation results

You can save automation results directly on SpaceSerp dashboard.

The Automation results will be automatically deleted after 7 days.

Also, we'll send results to your email or call Webhook when automation will be fired .

You can specify the result format at the search-creating step.

Credits Usage

We do not charge additional fees for automation! Automation will be charged as per requests made via the SERP API.

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